Friday, October 23, 2009

WABA Socks to the Rescue

Joseph and I volunteered to be a bike marshall for family the ride at the Bike DC event this past Saturday. Despite the rain, I was surprised to see so many participants ...

... especially children, who were brave to come out in this weather

We had to wait underneath the WABA tent until the family ride began, so we enjoyed the free coffee and pastry from Starbucks, complimentary of WABA for the bike marshalls.

I was getting cold, especially my feet, from standing around until the ride began. Then I spotted them on the table, just laying there, about 10 WABA socks. I asked and they told me to help myself. Well, I didn't think twice and grabbed 9 of them, then I always need socks. Later on, I was so glad I did.

We started our ride in the rain. My feet were freezing and wet and I was still coughing, not totally recovered from a cold. It was so unbearable for me that, Joseph and I, and a few others, stopped underneath the tunnel about a few miles into the ride, to change into dry cloths. My socks were totally drenched and my toes were numb. Luckily, I had the dry WABA socks to change into.

Despite having 2 pairs of dry socks on and plastic bags over my shoes, I was still freezing. Then Joseph mentioned the word... "Pneumonia". He said that I ought to stop because I'm still coughing and that I could get Pneumonia. Well, he scared me and I realized he was right, that I shouldn't push it. I never quit a ride, so this was the first time I did.

In the car, I took off the WABA socks and put on 2 more pair of dry WABA socks, trying to warm up my feet because they were numb. These socks aren't ideal for winter/cold riding, but they sure helped me out on that day. Thank you WABA, they went to a very good cause. A thank you also goes to all the volunteers who stood out in the rain, directing us on the ride.

If you want to learn more about what gear to wear to ride comfortably in cold weather, join me at the FREE Bike Clinic at the Bicycle Pro Shop in Alexandria on Friday, Oct. 30th.

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