Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Staying Motivated

Working out a lot at the gym, I get to observe how members often start disappearing within three months of having made their New Years resolution to want to get in shape. Work, Family or other obligations start getting in the way, so that they miss a day, then one day becomes a week, then a month, and so on.

The key is to stay motivated, regardless of what comes your way, which is easier said then done, I know. However, I truly believe you can accomplish this by having a goal in mind and putting a deadline on it.

Below is aan article I found online from Zen Fitness Motivation 101. I've added a few of my own to the list. Feel free to add yours.

1- Realize How Lucky You Are

Og Mandino one of my favorite self development authors has a great poem he reads when feeling down. Check it out over here……..

We are so lucky to even be able to contemplate going out and exercising. There are so many out there who are not blessed with Money, Gym’s or the ability to workout. Remembering this is something very simple but powerful when feeling de-motivated.

2 -- Do it Anyway

Keep Going or Just Keep Living. These are two great slogans that can inspire you to get going. I read this post over at Applied Mastery recently and it rang true to what I have seen with successful people. They keep going regardless of the circumstances, They understand that life has its ups and downs but we must get things done anyway. This applies to more than just working out but everyday life.

Personal problems with their spouse? They keep going. Setback with their finances? They keep going. Health problems? They keep going. Lost their job? Same deal … they keep going…..

I always try to remember how good it feels to get a workout done. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of a good workout is amazing and it will last for hours after training.

3 -- Find Inspiration

This varies from person to person. We all have different things that strike the right cord and make us want to workout. It maybe better health, a good looking body or losing a few extra pounds. Remember these goals when in doubt.

I would like to add a few of mine own thoughts to this list:

4-- Find a workout buddy or join a group

Why go on your own? Buddy up or join a group to keep you motivated

5-- Log your training and progress

Log your training workouts by blogging or use a training log and watch your progress. By blogging, you open yourself up to the world, which will keep you accountable to your goals and others will motivate you to keep going.

6-- Do it for a cause

Some stay motivated to workout if they are doing it for a cause, such as a charity event, rather than just working out for themselves.

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