Monday, June 8, 2009

National Harbor Ride

Thanks to Rita, Nicole and Phil, Andrea, Dominique, Al, Rachel, and Joseph (Kamita tried to catch up but we missed each other and she joined us for lunch) on the National Harbor ride. It was a beautiful day to the bridge from the Mount Vernon Trail. Some minor hills and a small part of the trail at the Harbor was not totally finished.

Andrea, who came out with her brand new bike had to cut it short and stop at the bike shop to get a higher seat post raised because it was causing her pain.

Al and Joseph,who did the ride the day before, led the faster group. At first, Rita didn't think she would be able to finish the ride and wanted to head back early, but she stuck with us and finished the entire route. Dominique, are die hard cyclists, did a back to back ride and was sore from playing softball the other day. Besides, her bike wasn't shifting correctly and we ended up having to push the bikes a few times.

We stopped at the National Harbor to get some coffee and to get to know each other. We had a good time and talked a lot, especially me I think. Some of the people were starting to stiffen up, so it was a time to get going. We then continued back to the car and a few us went to Don Pablos for lunch.

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Dominique said...

This was a great ride. Although I struggled a bit, Susan helped me push through the pain and the frustrtion of my bike acting up. Can't wait for the next ride.