Monday, June 29, 2009

We took their table!

We were meeting at Shirlington Village for a ride on the W&OD trail. Howevcr, I wasn't aware that the Potomac Peddlers had a ride scheduled that day and the same meeting place.

Debby Curry, pictured here resting under a tree, came for the first time with her new bike. I pumped up her tires while others started arriving. We had a huge turn out.. so I thought. Some of the potomac peddlers were not aware there were two groups there and many were signing up with our group. I almost recruited them too.

After fixing some bikes, pumping up some tires and making pictures, Joseph, Steve, David, Al, Paula, Debby, Julie, Nicola, Phil and myself were off to the W&OD trail. Not even a mile on the ride, Debby's rear fender was rubbing on the tires, causing her to slow down and making noises. Unfortunately, we couldn't take off the fender on the trail, so she tried to pedal on.

Joseph lead the faster riders (of course he got lost again) racing with each other, pushing each other and having fun, while the I stayed behind with the slower ones. But I squeezed in a little race myself coming back.Those who were tired and couldn't do any more, stayed behind and rested underneath a tree. We picked them up coming back. David was very helpful and stayed behind to help Debby and taught her how to get on and off the bike.

We arrived back in Shirlington and we all decided to get lunch. We locked up our bikes and were undecided as to where we should go. So we walked towards the restaurants to see if there was seating available outside for 10 of us. We walked up and down and saw an employee setting up a table for 10 people outside. I asked an employee inside to see if the table was available for us to have. The employee said "yes, it's for you". I couldn't believe it was for us, because every restaurant's outdoor seating was taken, but he kept saying that David came in a reserved the table for us. I asked David if he did and he said that he didn't. I told the employee that David didn't reserve table, but he insisted it was David who reserved the table for us. So I didn't argue with the employee and told the group the table is for us.

Everyone was a bit surprised but happy that we were able to sit outside. I thought this was a set up and David was playing mind games with me. David was so nice and wrote down our food and went inside and ordered for us.

The potomac peddlers were pulling in and someone jokingly said to them "what took you all so long". They were doing the Arlington Loop Ride. They went inside the same restaurant as us, but came out real fast with the employee. We found out that the table belonged to them. The ride leader for the potomac peddlers had a full beard like David too, so I guess you could get the two of them mixed up. The employee said that the table was ours now. I felt bad, not only did some of the riders do my ride, but we stole their table. We laughed and couldn't believe what had happend. However, I did go to the ride leader to explain what happened and that we didn't do it intentionally. I think he was ok with it. They ended up getting another table.

It was a great day. Redbull parked their car right next to our table, passing out free redbull for everyone. How lucky can you get?

Here are videos I took. Unfortunately they aren't that good because I had ithe flash one.

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