Sunday, November 15, 2009

Take a Chance And Help Someone

What a georgeous day it was today. I got up this morning with big cycling plans, but just couldn't get myself to do it because I was so depressed. The radio was broadcasting an informercial this morning about Vitamin D. It said that Americans suffer from depression and cancer because of lack of Vitamin D which you can get from the sun. Only 20 min. a day in the sun and you have all the Vitamin D you need. That's why people who live closer to the equator are happier people.

Well I truly believe that I have been lacking Vitamin D because I haven't been getting much sunlight lately. As a matter of fact, I can't even tell what the weather is like from my room, then I have no windows.

Eventually I did force myself to go out on my bike. Imagine, something that is my passion is so hard to do some times because of depression. I didn't want to miss this beautiful day and forced myself to go out. Just do a few miles and then come right back, so I thought.

When riding on the Capital Crescent trail, which was crowded by the way, I was about to pass a mother riding her bike with two teenaged girls. I saw that they all were too low on their bikes. I can't stand to see this. In my mind, I thought, should I mention something to her or not?

Well, I couldn't resist and with caution I said "Ma'am may I mention that you are way too low on your bike and that you will kill your knees that way." To my astonishment she replied "Really? I didn't know. I'm actually a runner trying to get into bike riding more. So where should the seat be?" I couldn't believe it. She was actually happy that someone told her she was doing it wrong. I then took it a bit further and told her that the two girl's seats were way too low as well. Gratefully, she tells the girl to adjust her seat who suffers from knee pain. She was so thankful that someone took the time to show her the right way.

I mentioned that I lead bike rides and that she should come and join us at repeated it twice to make sure she remembers) She told me that she was actually looking for something like that.

Well, 5 hours later discovering a new trail and route and soaking in the sun, I'm a happier person. Not because of the sun,but more because I was able to help someone who needed my help. Now back in the dungeon with me and finally finishing up this website.


sheila1195 said...

Great job Susan! It feels good when someone really truly appreciates your help. Glad you had a happy day :-)

Oren said...

Great work at helping someone else. Also, great job on getting your self out there in spite of your depression, a malady I suffer with as well.

greatpumpkin said...

Glad you got out on this nice day. We missed you on the Tweed Ride!

briannac said...

Very Nice. I particularly appreciated the part about your depression, since I suffer from depression myself.