Monday, May 25, 2009

Tired of Taking the Front Wheel Off?

After the Sunday ride, Paula and I went to pick up her new SARIS Bone bike rack from REI and I helped her put it on her car. It was a funny scene the two of us in the parking lot at Bailey's REI, rack, bikes and box spread out in the parking lot, reading the owner's manual.

However, I ended up tossing the owner's manual and figured out how to mount the rack on Paula's car. Compared to the rack I use to own, hers had no straps and was easier to mount. Technology has really improved.

So now Paula doesn't need to remove the front wheel to squeeze her bike into the car every time she comes for a bike ride. This was fustrating and a lot of WORK! If you are considering getting a bike rack but don't know where to start, I recommend this site to learn about various bike racks and brands and to see which would fit on your car.

But if money is tight and the only option is to remove the wheel , I suggest watching this video "How to take your wheel off"

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