Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ciclovia Alexandria gives first aide

It was a beautiful day on the C&O canal. Teri, Claudia, and myself met up at Lock 10. Teri, not a morning person, went ahead to find a portapotty because she had to go real bad. Claudia had to go too, so we did stop at a porta potty. In the meantime, Al caught up with us, however, he went ahead to see if he could catch up with Teri.

Claudia and I didn't see anyone until we were at the Great Falls lookout, there we met up with Teri and a dog that was tied to a post but managed to bite himself free and was desperately looking for his owner. Al was no where in site, so I assumed he was already in Harpersferry somewhere. Teri and Claudia, who hasn't come out for a bike for a year, were wanting to ride more, so we biked more all the way to Carderock. There, we took another porta potty break, filled up our water bottles and headed back.

When heading back, a father and his son, were riding in front of me, while the mother was behind us. I was watching how the boy was serving on his bike back and forth , waiting for the accident to happen. Sure enough, the boy lost control and fell. Hearing him cry and bleeding a bit, I stopped and searched for my band aides in my backpack. I ended up giving them bandaides and Teri gave them an antibiotic.

It's good to be prepared on a ride

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