Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What On Earth Is In The Bag?

Before the ride, I decided to go grocery shopping because I wanted to bike straight home after the ride. Well, I guess I got carried away and my backpack ended up weighing about 25 pounds.

After half into the ride, Al was so nice and took my backpack so that I can have enough energy for the next day's ride. He couldn't believe how heavy it was.

We arrived at the bottom of Whispering lane, a humungus hill, and looked up to see how high it was. I told him to go up a bit to see if he really wanted to conquer this hill. He was on a mountain bike and I was on my road bike. He came back after evaluating the hill and said "that is a big hill." Al was up for the challenge and so we biked up that hill. I was impressed that he was able to go up that hill, regardless if he had to bike criss cross up the hill on a mountain bike and with my backpack of 25lbs. Out of breath and sweatng we reached the top where one of the residents congratulated us for making the hill.

Riding with a 25lb backpack is good training, especially on a mountain bike. Al was having a good time. So if you need something to be carried, you know who to go to!

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