Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Ride

We were off doing the metric training. Everyone was doing quite well that day. I was partiucularly impressed with JoAnn that day and told her how well she was doing. And then it happened. A few minutes later, JoAnn got a flat.

A few of the people who were behind were watching me fix a flat and having a good time. I put a new tube in and pumped up the tire. Then suddenly it went "pop". The tire had a hole in it because of wear and tear. Not only did the tire pop, I lightly touched the head of the valve and it fell off.

I fell to the ground in disbelieve because it was going so well and now this. And I thought I wouldn't see JoAnn for a long time. We were debating what to do, go back, call someone to have her be picked up. One neighbor came over and asked us if needed tools. Knowing JoAnn wouldn't get to far with the damaged tire although the tire was still hard, we continued on.

Well, she didn't get to far, but farther then I thought. Here we are taking another break. I say this because I get on their case sometimes because I'm trying to get them to do 10 miles straight. The rest of the riders were far ahead of us now and wondering what happened to us.

So here we are in the middle of the street again, when a guy in a jaguar pulls up and asks us if we needed help. What do you know, the nice guy is a cyclist and pulls out his bike rack from the trunk to give JoAnn a lift back to the parking lot.

The two of them hit it off right away. Here is JoAnn having a good time with the guy and getting a free ride back, while the rest of us continued on.

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