Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dominique's Journey to Metric

Dominique, who has only been able to bike 2 miles, has build her endurance up to 20 miles after only 6 weeks by being persistent and one of the regulars on the bike rides. This is truly a great accomplishment and she's an inspiration to many.

She has taken on a new challenge, the Metric Challenge training, to be able to ride 64 miles after 12 weeks. And don't think she is stopping there, find out what she is doing next by watching the video.


Jo said...

Dominique! You are my inspiration.
Keep it up...you are awesome!
And Susan, the video is great!

Sheila said...

Way to Go Dominque!! Susan awsome video I really enjoyed watching it.

Wiggystyle said...

Dominique what can I say, you're a beast and very inspirational. Keep it goin girl! Great video Susan!

Websites said...

Sorry for the poor quality camara